The Wizardly Web Weaver

Hello and welcome to my web profile! My name is Joshua Gardner. I am a computer programmer skilled in open source development technologies. With 10 years of amateur, educational, and professional software development, your product, service, or website will be the be the best available.


I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
attrib. Mark Twain

My computer programming education began as a self-directed effort as a home-schooled 16-year-old. I dove into Linux usage, dabbled in C, and thrived in Python. I had learned a little bit of HTML before, and my skills spread into web development. At 17 years, I built my first web app: a sheet music library catalog for the local youth symphony as an Eagle Scout project. I later rewrote this application using Django. I still use Django today.

I was admitted to Weber State University in 2008 and majored in Computer Science. I studied their two years before a Mormon mission, and another semester after. I then transfered to Utah Valley University in 2013 and have studied computer science part time since that date when possible.

My studies at WSU and UVU have included software engineering and design, computer architecture, data structures and algorithms, and discrete mathematics. Most of this is theory, and has been of service in many situations in my work.

Learning on my own and on the job is a constant and continuous endeavor. A few things I've learned over the years include: Advanced Python, Linux administration, Go programming language, PostgreSQL, some NoSQL technologies, virtual machines, Amazon Web Services, Docker, TDD, some variety of Agile development. It's been fun!

Work Experience

I began full time software development in January of 2013 at Izeni, inc of Provo, Utah. Izeni is a custom software maker, specializing in web and mobile apps.

In the course of working at Izeni, I've contributed to several projects, in addition to working in information technology, devops, and general project standards for the company.

  • mydōpro — Marketing resource and e-commerce site.
  • VidAngel — Steaming video and filtering service.
  • ChatAds — Message driven advertising service.
  • Alder — Immutable data store for legal documents.
  • Meridian — GIS system for documenting purchases for road construction.
  • CheckUp — Service for health care providers to keep contact with patients via telephone.
  • Seek Adventure — Mobile augmented reality treasure hunt game.


Freelance work has been a part of my experience since 2009. I've worked on web-driven fitness and automotive applications among others.